Scheduling Appointments

Office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Persons wanting an
appointment with Dr. Quesenbery should contact him at 843-556-7820 or by
email at

Prior to the initial appointment, behavior rating scales, a patient history form, and a fee
schedule detailing services and fees are sent. In the initial and subsequent sessions, services
are rendered to analyze and solve specific problems and to determine effectiveness of the

Fees and Available Services--click here to see most recent fees
                 and services offered by Dr. Quesenbery, including
Cogmed Work-
                  ing Memory Training for persons with ADHD and/or LD (see
                  Item #10 on Fees and Payments schedule).

Payment / Billing Policies

1.  The person responsible for payment of bills must read and sign a Payment Agreement before services
are rendered.  In cases involving children of divorce, the parent or person requesting service is responsible
for payment; we do not bill parents designated by  the Court as responsible for medical/psychological
treatment unless that designated parent has requested services and signed the agreement.

2.   For all office visits, a payment must be made at the end of each session.  Cash, personal checks, and
VISA/MASTERCARD may be used.  As a courtesy our office will file insurance claims for the patient's
sponsor, with payments being made to the sponsor.  Dr. Quesenbery does not accept an insurance
company's promise of payment for services.  

3.  We do not use a sliding fee schedule.  Reduced-fee services are available at the Charleston Area
Community Mental Health Center and at the Family Services Center.
Scheduling and Billing